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One more week left of wheat testing 

All I can say is this experiment set by the doctor has not been fun at all! Yes the bread tastes good but going to the toilet at least 4 times a day isn’t nor is having to work for home more so I can eat wheat is making me more tired.

Biggest negatives to eating wheat:

  • Feeling mega fat all the time
  • Putting on weight – wheat regardless of going to the loo just makes me fatter! Obviously the yummy biscuits haven’t done this
  • The pains in the stomach
  • The weird dreams (might not be related but who knows)
  • Having to let down people if you feel crap
  • Feeling bloated and clothes looking shite
  • Feeling sick
  • Rushing to the loo
  • Always needing to know where the loo is

Anyway 1 week left, then it’s detox time! I’ve got this new book called The G Plan! It’s all about giving your gut a rest and building gut health! Saying goodbye to bloating and getting renewed energy! Obviously I’m having tests and they are looking into my B12 deficiency more but I think I need to help myself too! If this means 21 days of being uber healthy then that’s what I need to try! My body right now feels horrendous! Plus the numb hands, pins and needles everywhere and being exhausted all the time can not continue! The ladies who write this book also do retreats which would be amazing to do, but that might need to be saved for! Plus a holiday in heat will I’m sure help anyway! 

Anyway 7 days to go and then life restored and we’ll see what’s what! 


Week one done of wheat testing

So definitely still wheat/gluten intolerant then! I was quite excited at the beginning that I would get to eat all this food I had missed out on for years and literally that thought was thrown out of the door after day one! 

Bad points of wheat/gluten eating

  • Feeling utterly unhealthy
  • Having the worse tummy pains ever! Easter Sunday was spent on my hands and knees bent over a hot water bottle
  • Going to the toilet for a number 2 at least 4 times a day and if there is a moment I don’t go, my stomach looks like I am 6 months pregnant! 
  • Still feeling exhausted 24/7 – I went to the office one day last week and by 2pm I was literally exhausted! My eyes were so heavy! I can’t cope
  • Having to be at home a lot because you can’t make major plains encase you need the loo! 
  • White bread I can’t cope with, so living on rye,spelt and wheat bread or granary – I just can’t deal with the pain! I Have normal biscuits with coffee and crisps might have an element of wheat but apart from that I can’t do wheat noodles or Macci d’s – it’s hurts my body way too much! 

Good points

  • Fresh Bread tastes amazing 
  • The cost of items is so cheap
  • Cheese twists

So just under 3 more weeks to get through and then I think a detox of no wheat/ no carbs is needed! I google wellbeing breaks 24/7!  Still not sure how doing this test will help determine why my B12 doesn’t work anymore as I haven’t eaten gluten/wheat for over 10 years! I get the doctor wanting to check this and I’m grateful, but I think he needs to think more about the symptoms of B12 than my overall randomness with food and IBS

Have I been coeliac all along? 

I have been wheat, gluten and soy intolerant for about 15years or tried to be as in the beginning it wasn’t easy! I’ve had a b12 deficiency for about 18 years but recently my injection hasn’t been working! I have all the symptoms all the time! I’m lucky if I stay up passed 9pm and my face continuously has pins and needles! So I finally spoke to a doctor about it yesterday and I have to eat wheat for the next 4 weeks to be tested for coeliacs. To be tested you have to basically have wheat in you body! Plus I can’t remember if this was ever tested originally so totally worth it. 

So after thinking this would be cool and I can eat all the exciting foods I never eat like a proper Chinese, McDonald’s, fresh amazing bread and proper pizza – I then freaked out it would hurt, I’d be sat on the loo a lot and basically have no life for a month! I went to morrisons and brought some supplies as my house is obviously full of non gluten food! I got fresh bread but got rye, spelt and wheat fresh bread not bite bread. I brought some shortbread, spring rolls and I had monster munch earlier too! I’ve eaten the bread so far and now have a painful tummy – so that’s fun! I think the next month might be spent at home, defo no dates, only time spent with people who really know me and working from home might be the norm! As the tiredness isn’t cured either yet – my bed and I will defo be best mates! 

Anyway I thought I would blog about how I get on and see what ends up being decided on IBS, B12 and being coeliac! I’ll still do online dating but I think it might be a case of if I can go on a date more than anything – although my track record this year has been shite so who really cares! Haha! 

If you do have fab wheat food that I must eat – please share though! 

I’m so bloody tired!!! 

Chronic illness sounds very depressing right? And very extreme right? Well it doesn’t really have to be! Well it is a long term condition, but they obviously range from extreme to not normally effecting your life to much! 

So I have these – I have a B12 deficiency and IBS and normally I can cope quite well, it’s part of life, lots of people have it and these days it’s so much easier to live with, but this week I’m totally struggling! I don’t think this dull weather has helped and winter never helps – long dark days are so depressing – I choose sunny light days any day! I need flip flops back in my life and no coat – who likes coats anyway! 

I have an injection every 8 weeks which is totally my energy boost and helps my face not have pins and needles, my hands to not go numb and basically every bone in my body not to ache! Most of the time I don’t get these symptoms all the time, howeverthis week I have all the symptoms, I’m dropping the ball at work by getting cranky too much (it doesn’t help I’m working like 12 hour days) and I could happily go back to bed constantly! Wow I’m melodramatic today!! It’s hard though – no one really gets it – everyone I swear just thinks I’m a weirdo who has a funny diet and is just as tired as them because everyone works hard, but literally I’m so tired I cried at a roundabout the other day because I was too tired to drive to the superpmarket to get food. I can barely be bothered to hit my goal steps on my Fitbit each day and push myself as my legs are killing and TRX last night literally broke me! Plus as standard I live off caffiene! Coffee is my best friend right now! 

I think people think I’m lucky because I get an injection to help me have energy! Oh yeah that’s it! The fact that they all can absorb the nutrients and vitamins they need in their body means they are the lucky ones. According to the NHS – I could lose my memory when I am older, have depression and basically find it very difficult to conceive a baby because of the injections! So this doesn’t really make me lucky in the long term I’m afraid! Plus you tell a guy you are dating that you are like an old lady and you need an injection to give you energy sort of makes you sound like fruit loop or totally past it! 

Anyway roll on Tuesday I need my injection in time to do an event up north next week – events are exhausting (yet fun) as it is – I literally will be sat on the floor in the exhibition hall crying and rocking without it! 😉

I’m hoping after the last few days with the tiniest of signs of heat coming everyone will be less tired, my symptoms each 8 weeks won’t be as extreme as the sun will totally help and I so need a holiday – I think I might need to book one! Sod buying flooring – I swear there is a sun lounger out there with my name on! 😎 

The back up plan

As my 37th birthday draws nearer so does my 38th – I’m sure you are thinking, what? Nothing like wishing your life away, but let me explain! 

When I was in my early 30’s and started this whole on-line dating journey, had dated for a while and realised it might not be simple – I started to think about whether or not children were important in my life! My sister has three now and I love them to pieces and as much as I am not the baby machine she is and definitely not the maternal person she is (she is a nanny by trade!) I came to the conclusion I’d like one! Just one as then I’m hoping it won’t bicker so much and to be fair with three real cousins and everyone else in my world pretty much having at least one child too – they should be fine! Also I want to know what it’s like to be pregnant and to obviously pass on some of me to future generations! Haha! To be fair my sisters children all have traits of me anyway – so that bit might already be covered! The thought of giving birth upsets me a lot though! 

Anyway a few years ago my friends who are gay were talking about there plans and what they will do when they are ready! They educated me into that you actually don’t need a guy to have a baby, you can actually buy sperm and basically choose your unborn babies dad and he wouldn’t have any stake on the child and you could do this by yourself if need be! It’s all very confusing when you look online – however it isn’t too expensive for one go! Clearly I have told my mum the plan and told her a loan or a payment for a grandchild might be required! 😀 Everyone’s up for it! 

Another back up would be to freeze my eggs for a few years until that guy comes along I suppose! My mum is currently away seeing my auntie and my cousin and apparently my cousin has frozen her eggs and my mum now thinks this is what I should do! My cousin has offered to explain all about it and give me advice on it! I’d just like to say my cousin is 4 years older than me and lives in LA – so a completely different country to me, so not sure this is completely helpful! Plus she should have just had a baby by now as she was married, but apparently her age for a child is 45! She has a new boyfriend – I wonder how she broached the subject with him to say she had her back up plan sorted?!

This is another thing how do you tell a guy you eventually meet that you froze your eggs – won’t that freaked them out as much as just telling them you are on a time limit and need to have a child now! It’s funny I presume boys don’t have back up plans for having children and just except that if they don’t have one – they don’t get one! Who knows! 

My other plan was to in my 40’s to maybe adopt a child – age range 0-5 – then it gets over the having to push out a child thing when you have IBS! I just can’t imagine it being normal! I can’t even deal with periods! Another thing – if I am to have a child next year – should I come off the pill I have been on for 15 years because I couldn’t cope with periods and IBS – can I put myself through that for a what if and do I need to do that just yet? Another thing to figure out! After a few conversations this week with friends about this – they have all said my body probably needs a break anyway and with all the gyne issues I had last year it could help! Again can you imagine if I met a guy this year and he asks are you on the pill and you say no because I wanted to give my body a break to be ready to have a baby next year! Well that’s one way of getting rid of them! Haha! 

So my conclusion is it doesn’t have to be next year – if I want one I will know but my friends get married in South Africa early 2018 and we’ll get through that first and then see! As for coming off the pill – I have 1 week left of a packet and need to decide asap if I want to stay in or come off! 

Sod being a woman! Why could I have met someone in my 20’s and got married, had a career, travelled, had fun and had a child! Oh well clearly wasn’t my path! 

Healthy food is challenging right? 

Randomly yesterday I shouted out in the office – “I think you should all come up with meal ideas for me” everyone looked blankly so I went on to explain! So obviously I am back on a Healthy kick as its January and I really do need to be healthier! BUT normal people could just eat whatever, but no I have acute IBS so basically I have it really bad! 

My IBS is triggered by all the usual things of stress etc, but my main trigger points are food intolerances! I avoid (and have done since I was 20) wheat, gluten and soy! Dairy is ok but I don’t really like too much in terms of milk, Fish I really don’t like (I was sick for hours once on a dodgy cod), eggs are ok – it depends on the day I think and coffee can not like me very much if too strong, however I do have a bit of a Starbucks addiction but a one shot skinny caramel latte grande seems to be ok! 

That isn’t it though – in my mid twenties I kept getting pains in my side and it turned out to be gall stones that kept getting stuck in my gall bladder pipe! (Worst pain ever!!) so it was taken out! Therefore everything I eat, must be under 5g of fat! Oh yes because you can’t digest too much fat and It just hurts! You would think I would be a bean pole but no my body wants me to work for it! 

I also like to try and follow the Fodmaps diet, as I mentioned in my previous post because apparently food that you can digest easier helps ease the whole IBS situation! 

So you can imagine my colleagues faces when I explained what they needed to find me! One girl said “I’ve found you a great recipe, it’s called air!” Haha! Another girl did actually Google things and found lots of dessert recipes or snacks to make but with everything all people ever give you is snack type recipes and not actual meals! Even cookery books have recipes for dips as a starter! I get it isn’t the easiest thing to stick to but needs must! 

I play this game with my mum when I drive to the supermarket and I call her and ask her what I can eat! She goes through all these options and tries to help, but it’s just annoying as why can’t it be easier! I did make a great dish tonight though which I found from a site a colleague sent me! It was just vegetables called a Briam! It’s by Jamie Oliver and I just ammended it to my needs! It was lovely! So if you have any recipes you have and your reading this – do send them over! ? 

Can you Imagine a boy’s face when I tell them my intolerances and they have asked me out for dinner? It’s fun dating with IBS -follow up blog to come! 

And let the healthy January commence

It’s January 2nd and it’s obviously the time of year where the world decides to be healthy, me included! I knew for a while I needed to stop eating the rubbish and actually go to the gym more again ( I’m lucky I do actually like exercise) but I think with having a few healthy issues and basically using “it’s nearly Christmas” as an excuse since September and clearly not thinking I had put on that much weight – I just ignored it! My jeans still fitted! Haha! 

Anyway I came up with the idea a month ago that instead of doing the usual slimming world, weight watcher or standard fat clubs I wanted to just do it with my mates! When you have IBS, try and follow a Fodmaps diet, are wheat, soy, gluten intolerant and are just a bit fussy on food, it isn’t always the easiest to follow a generic diet!

So a group of us are basically weighing ourselves, putting a couple of quid in the pot every few weeks and whoever loses the most in 3 months wins the pennies! Every few weeks we can go for a treat dinner to encourage and celebrate successes too! With the support of everyone too we can go for walks and do exercises to get us to our goal weights! I love a good competition so I’m totally up for winning the money! To be fair at an old company we did this and I so won – so hopefully it will happen again! 

So as of 2nd January 2017 at 8.30AM I have put on 1.5 stone in a year according to the last time I weighed myself and recorded it on fitness pal! I have at least 2 stone to lose to start with (I don’t do unrealistic goals) clearly I apparently should lose about 9 stone to be in that healthy perfect doctor chart I think, but I literally would look like skeletor with excess skin everywhere! Those charts are so unrealistic! So I’ll start with 2 then go for another 2 & then I think my size will be a good size! I go more on dress size and how I look anyway! I know I am heavier than most people but I don’t look as big asa weigh! Must be heavy boned! Haha! I know I need to loose weight and wouldn’t be very comfortable going on dates right now either – so time to do something about it! If you have weight loss IBS/food intolerant tips – please share! 

It’s day 1 and it will include meal planning, recording everything on fitness pal and checking the Fodmaps check list for what fruit and veg I can eat! Tomorrow I will go to the office and take my trusty nutri bullet smoothie with me! There will be less Starbucks in my life (boo) less carbs and less treats! But I have done it before so just need to think end goal is feeling healthier and feeling happier in myself to go out on dates and make 2017 a fun one! Whoop!