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Week one done of wheat testing

So definitely still wheat/gluten intolerant then! I was quite excited at the beginning that I would get to eat all this food I had missed out on for years and literally that thought was thrown out of the door after day one! 

Bad points of wheat/gluten eating

  • Feeling utterly unhealthy
  • Having the worse tummy pains ever! Easter Sunday was spent on my hands and knees bent over a hot water bottle
  • Going to the toilet for a number 2 at least 4 times a day and if there is a moment I don’t go, my stomach looks like I am 6 months pregnant! 
  • Still feeling exhausted 24/7 – I went to the office one day last week and by 2pm I was literally exhausted! My eyes were so heavy! I can’t cope
  • Having to be at home a lot because you can’t make major plains encase you need the loo! 
  • White bread I can’t cope with, so living on rye,spelt and wheat bread or granary – I just can’t deal with the pain! I Have normal biscuits with coffee and crisps might have an element of wheat but apart from that I can’t do wheat noodles or Macci d’s – it’s hurts my body way too much! 

Good points

  • Fresh Bread tastes amazing 
  • The cost of items is so cheap
  • Cheese twists

So just under 3 more weeks to get through and then I think a detox of no wheat/ no carbs is needed! I google wellbeing breaks 24/7!  Still not sure how doing this test will help determine why my B12 doesn’t work anymore as I haven’t eaten gluten/wheat for over 10 years! I get the doctor wanting to check this and I’m grateful, but I think he needs to think more about the symptoms of B12 than my overall randomness with food and IBS


Healthy food is challenging right? 

Randomly yesterday I shouted out in the office – “I think you should all come up with meal ideas for me” everyone looked blankly so I went on to explain! So obviously I am back on a Healthy kick as its January and I really do need to be healthier! BUT normal people could just eat whatever, but no I have acute IBS so basically I have it really bad! 

My IBS is triggered by all the usual things of stress etc, but my main trigger points are food intolerances! I avoid (and have done since I was 20) wheat, gluten and soy! Dairy is ok but I don’t really like too much in terms of milk, Fish I really don’t like (I was sick for hours once on a dodgy cod), eggs are ok – it depends on the day I think and coffee can not like me very much if too strong, however I do have a bit of a Starbucks addiction but a one shot skinny caramel latte grande seems to be ok! 

That isn’t it though – in my mid twenties I kept getting pains in my side and it turned out to be gall stones that kept getting stuck in my gall bladder pipe! (Worst pain ever!!) so it was taken out! Therefore everything I eat, must be under 5g of fat! Oh yes because you can’t digest too much fat and It just hurts! You would think I would be a bean pole but no my body wants me to work for it! 

I also like to try and follow the Fodmaps diet, as I mentioned in my previous post because apparently food that you can digest easier helps ease the whole IBS situation! 

So you can imagine my colleagues faces when I explained what they needed to find me! One girl said “I’ve found you a great recipe, it’s called air!” Haha! Another girl did actually Google things and found lots of dessert recipes or snacks to make but with everything all people ever give you is snack type recipes and not actual meals! Even cookery books have recipes for dips as a starter! I get it isn’t the easiest thing to stick to but needs must! 

I play this game with my mum when I drive to the supermarket and I call her and ask her what I can eat! She goes through all these options and tries to help, but it’s just annoying as why can’t it be easier! I did make a great dish tonight though which I found from a site a colleague sent me! It was just vegetables called a Briam! It’s by Jamie Oliver and I just ammended it to my needs! It was lovely! So if you have any recipes you have and your reading this – do send them over! ? 

Can you Imagine a boy’s face when I tell them my intolerances and they have asked me out for dinner? It’s fun dating with IBS -follow up blog to come! 

Have you ever been to Amsterdam?

Last weekend 10 of us went to Amsterdam for a friends birthday! It was so fun! We fitted in culture, mooching, food, partying, smoking and whatever else the 10 individuals wanted to do! Oh and we saw the ladies of the night in their windows too! €50 a shag apparently – that’s pretty cheap right? Anyway let’s break the weekend down:

Day 1 – mooching, good food and culture

We got up at the crack of dawn to get our flight. We were waiting around for ages for one person, so that was annoying but the 45 min flight was pretty cool! 45 mins – you can’t even get to work in that sometimes!!! Anyway we dropped our bags at the hotel and went for a walk in vodelpark! It’s this big park like Hyde park in London or Central Park in New York! It looked so pretty in Autumn! We went to one of the resturants in the park to refuel and have a beverage to say cheers to the break and Za’s birthday! As you might know I’m gluten free so going anywhere is always a little more restricted, however Amsterdam is hands down one of the best cities for having gluten free options on their menus, for their waiting staff being clued up on what it is and the different levels you can be and just for being so helpful with what they offer and what the chef can do! I had a gluten free open sandwich! They had gf bread – it was good too!

Afterwards we mooched to Anne Frank’s house, took a lot of selfies with bikes and canals and the girls had Dutch apple pie! It looked bloody good!

We then queued for 2 hours in the cold to get into Anne Frank’s House! After 3pm you can queue for a min of 1.5 hours to get in before this is pre booking and we didn’t pre book! We played games of top 3 movies and top songs to get us through! We all shared stories of how we all knew the birthday girl – so it wasn’t too bad – cold but ok! Anne Frank’s as you can imagine was so insightful and interesting but clearly very sad!

Afterwards we needed to get warm and eat and drink more! We decided to mooch to the palace, red light district and find somewhere to eat! We found a lush place by the palace square and had amazing food again! Literally the waiter was so good in advising gluten free food and even made a special sauce for me!

We then looked at the girls in the red light district and looked around for what bars were around and coffee shops! As we had been up since 4am and it was now 11pm we opted to go back to the hotel for drinks and see if some of our friends who couldn’t get the day off had arrived! They had, so we had some drinks, they went off to explore and we listened to stories from one of the group and chilled!

Day 2 -food, bikes and partying

So a few of us got up and found brekkie in this fabulous place called Eds – again gluten free options, really accommodating and lush! The group then splits and a few of us go to hire bikes and do the Amsterdam thing! OMG I haven’t been on a bike for donkeys years & yes I fell off into some roadworks! The other girls were great – we went to vondlepark again and rode around it, taking selfies, doing videos and looking like pros until we got a bit lost! Anyway afterwards the last guest arrived and we weren’t to the I Amsterdam sign! Packed full of people we got all the photos we needed and then we headed to the floating flower market! Well it wasn’t floating and it wasn’t that great so we went for food and drinks again! Then it was time to go home and put the glad rags on for the birthday dinner and drinks!

All assembled we had some drinks then headed to the best steak place ever and then found this cool bar/club called Smokey! Cool vibes, all ages, great new and old hip hop RNB tunes – everyone loved it! We stayed till 5! Well me and a couple of others did! We got to bed at 6.30! Ouch! Who says the oldest at 36 can’t stay out late!

Day 3 – Thank goodness day 3 was just brekkie and airport! All 10 were quiet on the flight home! Moral of the post if you haven’t been to Dam – go! Everyone loved it’s, couples, singles, boys and girls! My friend had a fab birthday and tried everything she wanted to in Dam! 

Daily struggles

The title of the blog sounds very deep and totally different to me moaning about dating and life but today as a family we did a memory walk for dementia! My Nan unfortunately had dementia but to me it didn’t get to a horrendous state – it was quite funny – she asked me if I had a new car every time I took her shopping! She’d go ” oh it is nice – is it new.” And I’d have to say “oh know Nan I’ve had it a while!” Haha – She also thought I was buying my sisters flat and she was moving but if at the time my sister was pregnant with her first child and she could tell her all about labour with her first child which was amazing!

I live with a long term illness everyday but unfortunately it isn’t something people look into or really take seriously if you ask me.But it effects everything I do! Most people on a day out would be thinking about things like, how are we are getting there, what bars are there and let’s just go with the flow – I can’t do this, I have chronic IBS (Irritable Bowel Syndrome) Which in my opinion isn’t taking that seriously or wasn’t at least when I was formally diognosed over 10 years ago! I unfortunately have quite a bad version, where I am ill everyday, I am intolerant to wheat, gluten, soy and dairy isn’t always my friend, nor is coffee unfortunately! (When you love Starbucks that isn’t really fun! I’ve learnt a skinny, one shot caramel latte grande is normally ok thank goodness! Haha!) and IBS has made me worry about everything in life from going away to uni, to living with other people, to dating , moving jobs, travelling & making new friends! To be fair as I have got older most things I just get over, all my friends, work pals and family just know I might need a poo and there is nothing I can do! But dating is still quite a big thing to do – not the actual dates, just the once you get into things further! Did you know people with IBS can find sex really uncomfortable or can be very ill afterwards – so that’s always fun! I know it’s my hang up and I’m sure boys really don’t care but hey that’s life and just adds to why I am 36, single and childless probably – maybe one day there will be research into IBS and people won’t have to be doubled up in pain, sit on the loo for hours or be known as the awkward one at dinner because you might not be able to eat everything off a menu!
So if you know someone who has IBS or is intolerant to food please don’t go “oh you choose, you’re the awkward one” next time you go out for dinner! We aren’t awks, just can’t eat everything because We don’t want to be ill and have to race home from the restaurant to go to the loo! Loads of places do GF these days – just don’t take me to a fish one – I don’t like it! Haha