Week one done of wheat testing

So definitely still wheat/gluten intolerant then! I was quite excited at the beginning that I would get to eat all this food I had missed out on for years and literally that thought was thrown out of the door after day one! 

Bad points of wheat/gluten eating

  • Feeling utterly unhealthy
  • Having the worse tummy pains ever! Easter Sunday was spent on my hands and knees bent over a hot water bottle
  • Going to the toilet for a number 2 at least 4 times a day and if there is a moment I don’t go, my stomach looks like I am 6 months pregnant! 
  • Still feeling exhausted 24/7 – I went to the office one day last week and by 2pm I was literally exhausted! My eyes were so heavy! I can’t cope
  • Having to be at home a lot because you can’t make major plains encase you need the loo! 
  • White bread I can’t cope with, so living on rye,spelt and wheat bread or granary – I just can’t deal with the pain! I Have normal biscuits with coffee and crisps might have an element of wheat but apart from that I can’t do wheat noodles or Macci d’s – it’s hurts my body way too much! 

Good points

  • Fresh Bread tastes amazing 
  • The cost of items is so cheap
  • Cheese twists

So just under 3 more weeks to get through and then I think a detox of no wheat/ no carbs is needed! I google wellbeing breaks 24/7!  Still not sure how doing this test will help determine why my B12 doesn’t work anymore as I haven’t eaten gluten/wheat for over 10 years! I get the doctor wanting to check this and I’m grateful, but I think he needs to think more about the symptoms of B12 than my overall randomness with food and IBS


2 thoughts on “Week one done of wheat testing

  1. 30somethingpoppyrobinson

    Hi, I really wouldn’t bother. I am definitely a coeliac and the silly thing is in order to be diagnosed you have to have gluten in your system every day for six weeks before the test. I couldn’t last one day so can’t be tested. If you are feeling that poorly, then you know. The only cure is a gluten free diet… I used to be like you and would treat myself to a pain au chocolat thinking “it’ll be alright, I’m at home and near a toilet”… but it’s not alright. I felt terrible. As soon as you cut it out you’ll feel so much better. But very interesting read x

    1. Single Girl in the suburbs Post author

      Thanks for your comment – always interesting to hear others are in the same situation! I’ve been GF for over 15 years but I feel like I need to just prove to the doctor I am or I’m not! The funny thing is I went in about my B12 injection not working anymore and he thinks this will help see why! But I have a GF and follow a Fodmaps diet already so not sure how having a random diagnosis would tell me why my B12 symptoms are so bad when regardless of be coeliac or not – my diet will still be GF! But hey! It’s always such a struggle with any of these tummy/bowel issues! At least GF food is better these days! Thank you so much for getting in touch!


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