The child thing

Being in my mid thirties you get to the point of thinking do I want a child and do I need to hurry up to have one? I do have a back up plan but online dating puts you under so much pressure and unfortunately in my story I have missed out on so many potentials! 

So I don’t start conversations with OMG I want a child and can you give me one (clearly not I don’t ever message anyone first!) but you do have on your profile normally that you want children! Men are more open I think about this and put open/not decided but I always put want children! Anyway at my age I sometimes end up talking to guys who have children already (I suppose it’s to be expected) and on several occasions you can be getting on really well and they will then say – oh I notice you want children – I have one (or two) and I don’t want anymore! Now seriously in my opinion (and it is my opinion) what woman doesn’t want the option at my age to maybe perhaps have a child! You might not think you want one but if you fell preggo, you would probably think twice about keeping it mainly because you are female, you have a woman’s maternal instinct and it’s the norm in life to have a child and because at this age you might not get another chance if you don’t take this one! 

Therefore I find men who have their own child quite selfish if they really think that you – the girl without a child would be happy to not have the option of having their own child, but is happy that you have children! I think you are kidding yourself! Would it not be better for those guys to go for either older ladies or women who already perhaps have had a child!? 

Now if you are a guy and you doesn’t have children and you have decided you don’t want a child – then fair enough – you would be in equal grounds! I obviously still wouldn’t go out with you because as I say I want the option! But I am sure there are females who have made the decision not to have children as well because they want a fun carefree life and because we all know (including my friends & family) children can be little pains in the arse if they want to be! 

So to the guy I have been speaking to this weekend who just told me he doesn’t want anymore kids – thanks for being up front and shame! At least it’s better than the guy I dated last year who dumped me because I wanted a child and then kept texting me all year telling me he liked me, but his views hadn’t changed on the kid front! Then why bother message mate! Clearly that didn’t work out and he so wasn’t my type anyway! What was I thinking! 


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