Can you meet a guy organically over 30?

I had a meeting yesterday at work and when I say meeting, it’s set in the Starbucks in my office and its with a cohort of ladies where we should discuss things like challenges in the workplace, how we can progress and become better leaders and basically how women can progress! As this is just a casual coffee meet up we end up speaking about life and as it was the first one after Christmas, so we obviously spoke about what we got up to in the holidays! 

I arrived a bit late as shock horror I was actually working (I’d like to add I worked late to fit in my meeting too) and when I arrived I was asked how my holidays were! Standard answer busy – my sister has 3 kids so it is always fun and hectic! And then I was like I’ve started blogging more! They ask what I blog about and I mention; being single, dating, lifestyle etc! Hilarious the responses from my colleagues were: “Are you online dating, do you need to online date and can’t you just go down the pub and meet someone!” For anyone who is single and a little older and doesn’t go out on the pull every Saturday night will know – no you can’t just go down the pub and meet someone! It’s difficult and there are actually certain towns around where I live where older people do go out, there are single people out on a Saturday night in some pubs, however at over 30 do we care about pulling on a Saturday night or are we out that night with friends and our main goal is to have a laugh with those friends rather than to scout the pub for someone who might look ok and might catch your eye!

When I go out on a Saturday night drinking and dancing – I’m either out for a birthday or because We are due an overdue catch up with the girls! So our main goals are to usually get drunk (classy) and have a laugh with the group! If I was to be looking out for fit guys all night it wouldn’t be my idea of a fun night! (To be fair this has always probably been my issue even when I was younger!) Obviously you might end up speaking to guys when you become more confident or perhaps someone offers you a free drink whilst at the bar but very rarely it will turn in to anything or in my experience that’s the guys who are married or attached! So no it isn’t that simple to meet a guy organically and this is why we all probably treat online dating a little bit like shopping! 

Another point my colleagues found funny was that it is like shopping and yes online dating can make you more picky than you probably would have been in your younger days out on the town. Also yes you can pick someone who is more ideal and have things in common with you more than you would have when shopping organically but is it easier, are we more successful at picking a designer guy! Hell no – that’s the wonderful world of online dating! It’s just a different way of meeting a mate! 

Anyway I left my colleagues with the task of finding me a boy and making my mum’s wish come true this year of finding someone who will love me by the end of the year! Don’t even get me started!!! Haha Lets see how easy they find it! 😂


4 thoughts on “Can you meet a guy organically over 30?

  1. Alice

    I don’t think I’ve ever met anyone in a bar or pub- I find people in the UK don’t tend to talk to strangers and even when we do it’s quite fleeting conversations rather than anything meaningful!

  2. Anita

    I am hoping that you still can meet someone organically, though these days anyone news I meet seems to be married. And I really do hate being given that “helpful” advice of just go down to the pub and meet someone, or that you need to “put yourself out there more”. It’s extra annoying that it usually comes from people that never had to do either. 😒


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