The wondrous world of POF

Have you ever been on POF or Plenty of Fish as the formal people call it? POF is the place us singletons go to discover the wonder that is online dating! Well there and several other places but POF basically is the OK place that is free! 

Basically you see all the single people you know on there at some point and if like me you have been single for years you have probably seen people come and go you know now are in relationships or you see the people like yourself who have been off and on the thing for forever! 

The thing about being on an online dating portal that everyone goes on, you end up walking around town thinking omg do I know them or I wonder if any of these guys are on POF! I’ve even been out at night in a bar and a guy started talking to me like I was some long lost friend and thinking he knew me until he saw my vague look on my face and realised he didn’t! Later on I saw him on POF and he probably had just seen me so often he thought he knew me from somewhere else! Haha

There is also the nightmare when your single friends are on POF and you are and you end up talking to the guy they might have been on a date with or been talking to before! It’s very awkward and has totally happened to a friend and I! Who knew we had the same taste!

Then there is the stalker guy who messages you without a picture and tells you he has seen you about and has an amazing smile! Brilliant because that makes me feel so much better about going outside the house now you weirdo! 

Then just last night there was the situation of the person you used to know having a profile on POF! He looks at your profile, you look at his – clearly take a screenshot and send it to your mate and say “OMG isn’t he married?” Then he messages you and tells you he is now single and he thought it was me! Haha! 

I’ve never actually ever messaged anyone on any dating site first – maybe I would be more successful if I did. -As a marketer you think I would be good at marketing myself but clearly not! What would I say & an element of me thinks boys should message first but I don’t think that is working with the recent messages I have got from really really unsuitable guys! 

This all sounds very negative about POF and obviously it isn’t that bad for me to go back on there so often and not every guy is that bad – I’ve clearly dated some nice ones too and out of my favourite 6 friends – half have met guys on dating sites and 2 on POF – 2 are now married and have children and 1 is now living with a guy after many years of going through bad dates! So it does work and it is a good place to find a nice one! 

So the adventure continues….


3 thoughts on “The wondrous world of POF

  1. Holistic Health

    This made me laugh out loud, I’m also a POF user and love it haha
    I’ve occasionally messaged a guy first, twice accidentally because I pressed the ‘Flirt’ button not realising that it sent a lame ‘hey there’
    No luck yet but I still have hope 🙂


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