And let the healthy January commence

It’s January 2nd and it’s obviously the time of year where the world decides to be healthy, me included! I knew for a while I needed to stop eating the rubbish and actually go to the gym more again ( I’m lucky I do actually like exercise) but I think with having a few healthy issues and basically using “it’s nearly Christmas” as an excuse since September and clearly not thinking I had put on that much weight – I just ignored it! My jeans still fitted! Haha! 

Anyway I came up with the idea a month ago that instead of doing the usual slimming world, weight watcher or standard fat clubs I wanted to just do it with my mates! When you have IBS, try and follow a Fodmaps diet, are wheat, soy, gluten intolerant and are just a bit fussy on food, it isn’t always the easiest to follow a generic diet!

So a group of us are basically weighing ourselves, putting a couple of quid in the pot every few weeks and whoever loses the most in 3 months wins the pennies! Every few weeks we can go for a treat dinner to encourage and celebrate successes too! With the support of everyone too we can go for walks and do exercises to get us to our goal weights! I love a good competition so I’m totally up for winning the money! To be fair at an old company we did this and I so won – so hopefully it will happen again! 

So as of 2nd January 2017 at 8.30AM I have put on 1.5 stone in a year according to the last time I weighed myself and recorded it on fitness pal! I have at least 2 stone to lose to start with (I don’t do unrealistic goals) clearly I apparently should lose about 9 stone to be in that healthy perfect doctor chart I think, but I literally would look like skeletor with excess skin everywhere! Those charts are so unrealistic! So I’ll start with 2 then go for another 2 & then I think my size will be a good size! I go more on dress size and how I look anyway! I know I am heavier than most people but I don’t look as big asa weigh! Must be heavy boned! Haha! I know I need to loose weight and wouldn’t be very comfortable going on dates right now either – so time to do something about it! If you have weight loss IBS/food intolerant tips – please share! 

It’s day 1 and it will include meal planning, recording everything on fitness pal and checking the Fodmaps check list for what fruit and veg I can eat! Tomorrow I will go to the office and take my trusty nutri bullet smoothie with me! There will be less Starbucks in my life (boo) less carbs and less treats! But I have done it before so just need to think end goal is feeling healthier and feeling happier in myself to go out on dates and make 2017 a fun one! Whoop! 


3 thoughts on “And let the healthy January commence

  1. Holistic Health

    Yeah that is a good idea doing it with friends 🙂 – I think my advice would be intermittent fasting, ( the link if you’re interested ) I think it’s just such an easy way to slim down. You always wake up feeling kind of slim and once you’ve made it to 12pm, you feel so good about yourself you genuinely want to eat healthy for the rest of the day. Good luck! I’m also a big boned kinda person haha, my BMI has never ever been in the normal zone but who cares it’s pretty out of date now


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