New Years resolutions, hopes and dreams

It’s the time of year where everyone hopes for the new year and to start all over again! Do we actually think that we can write off the year before, everything at the strike of midnight is going to be so so different and everything that happened in 2016 is suddenly going to be forgotten and everything is now perfect again? Who knows but we all join in on this tradition and make our resolutions & wishe everyone a happy new year! 

For about 3 years i have had my resolutions written in my notes on my phone and they don’t really change, they are: 

  • Be more creative – take more photos, do more art and be more at work
  • Be more proactive than reactive at work
  • Be more spontaneous – stop being organised all the time (I was a little more like this’ll 2016 – only a little bit) 
  • Clean more! (My house isn’t minging – I just feel I need to dust every week but I always choose to go out instead of clean the house) 
  • Use the gym membership (standard resolution) 
  • Accept other people’s ways (I try!)
  • Be more patient (hmmm)
  • Have more parties (I need to do this but I do like other people’s parties more)
  • Eat balanced meals each day including fish (yeah when you are intolerant to lots, have IBS & not really into fish – this is a hard one)
  • Only go out for dinner once a week
  • Work in/develop my blog (totally trying)

It’s a good list I think and I’m totally making headway! Clearly finding a boyfriend, progressing my career and having a baby one day should be on there but that’s way too much pressure! 

My additions to my list this year are:

  • Do what you want, you can’t please everyone, do what you want to do and don’t apologise for being kind! Basically I’m going to be more selfish! It sounds bad but forever I have always gone to every invitation I have been invited to first even if I don’t want to, my friends have always done what they want to do and they all are settled and happy – so I think I need to think more about me and be happier if I do! 
  • Be happy – standard but who doesn’t need reminding
  • Cry Less! – sounds so depressing and I’m totally not but recently I freak out about my parents getting older and life changing and I end up crying and freaking out! Maybe I need to spend less time with them but then if something does happen to them I would have missed out on so much so that’s just stupid
  • New career challenge! This is either move on or take the next step! I’m lucky I have had a new role every fiscal for the last 3 years but I’ve decided I might need more pennies and I might need more development this year! 

So as I deliberate going to the gym next week, whether I feel like crap today or not with a cold and IBS to go out tonight or whether I want to drive or drink and start the year with a hangover – I have lots of goals to work on at least! I wish you all a happy New Years and hope you have a happy and successful year! 


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