Festive season and New Years reflections

Wow I haven’t blogged for ages but it has been the most wonderful time of year so I have had an excuse I suppose – basically I have been out out a lot! So as I sit here in bed with yet another hangover from the season that depicts you must be jolly, I thought it was time to jot down some thoughts! 

In recent months I’ve been totally whoa is me! Boo to being single and all that, moaning that it’s been the worst year etc but it really hasn’t been! Yes 2016 has had highs and lows, yes some of my friends have had the most terrible time recently and it’s made me so worried about my parents getting old and people not being here anymore but it’s actually been a bloody fun year! I’ve learnt a lot and been fortunate to go on some amazing adventures with some of my favourite people! So whilst looking for 9 photos to reflect my year & all the good bits in it I couldn’t found 9 but at least 18 fun amazing times I had this year. Let me tell you about some of them:

Theatre trips in London: Phantom of the opera (for the hundredth time) Kinky boots, Charlie & the chocolate factory and even horrible histories with my niece – all amazing 

Family days: Cinema trips, visit to the zoo, legoland, shriek adventure, theatre, the races & even bowling! I avoided my neices and nephew for a bit as they were really irritating me recently (they are the most hyper children ever) but this festive season I have seen them nearly everyday and we have had so much fun yet a lot  of “Santa won’t come, I won’t give you a Christmas present and a tad bit of bribery” but it was fun! I do love them very very much! 

Friendsaveries: 25 years of being friends with my besties from school, having a mini reunion with our group from school and being friends with my friend Zara for 10 years – all fun days! I am very very fortunate to have amazing friends even though I moan about them – I know we are stuck with each other and will grow old smoking fags and drinking hard liquor! Haha! 

Travel adventures: family holiday to fueteventura, Budapest for SJ’s hen, loads of fun times in London being a tourist, St Petersburg – Russia with Cindy, Oxford for Hodgies 40th, Copenhagen with my mum and Amsterdam for Zara’s birthday! I had a blast, saw places I had on my bucket list and put more red spots on my big map in my kitchen! Now where to go next year!? I live to travel and I have told everyone I am buying flooring next year for my house and being uber sensible and paying my credit card off! No one believes me and gives me till February before I book a holiday! To be fair I have adventures planned already in Cambridge (birthday), Birmingham (seeing take that – whoop) and Southampton (seeing Robbie Williams – I love him! I need to find a guy just like him) but that isn’t on a plane so doesn’t count! Although I don’t even believe I will make a year without going on an international adventure! Why would you not explore the world? There is so much to see! 

So in reflection yes I’m still single but I dated some nice guys, I had a fun summer season, you don’t need a boy to have fun, adventures or because your friends are coupled up, you just need to make the most out of your life and your situation! I have done so much this year -more than I can remember probably but from going to see the rugby in a box, going to Royal Ascot for the hundreth time or just going for dinner with friends or seeing a movie at the cinema it has all made this year have some amazing memories! 

Next to decide on goals for 2017 & how it can be a fab year, maybe the year I might find love or just decide it’s going to be me and Henry the cat forever! Stay tuned; goals and resolutions post to be posted asap! Have you reflected on your 2016 yet? Are you raring to go for 2017 & like me have you learnt from 2016? It’s good to have a think at this time of the year right? I feel much better when you think about it more literally rather than being melodramatic about the bad times! Happy new year! 


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