Is it better to be single or attached for the most wonderful time of year? 

So Literally I am Mrs Christmas – I love everything about Christmas,  like: buying the presents, going out 24/7, decorating at least 2 houses, all the traditions including food, dinners and my mum putting out a drink and mince pie for Santa on Christmas Eve whilst I’m at the pub and most of all everyone in my family knowing Christmas is my thing – it’s all about me! I have two nieces and a nephew and they all know Christmas is mine! Haha! But this year I’m just not feeling it too much!

So I had the best weekend, my best friend and I went away to see an old friend which we do every year at this time and it was fabulous! We sang Christmas tunes on the road trip, got very drunk and caught up on everyone’s goss but I just hate it when people are like : “so Lis  what’s the latest with you, how’s your year been?” it’s like let’s reflect on the year! I never reflect or if I do I’m always like – lots of good points, seen some more of the world, had fun, everyone is healthy, great memories etc but this year all I can concentrate on is the negatives! It’s redic! I have had a blast this year, I’ve been to fab places, fun hen parties, fab weddings, funniest nights out, new role at work, new challenges etc – so why is reflection this year so blah!!!?

Instead of me wanting the year to hurry up and end so I can start a fresh – I need to see the year for the fun it has been! Not be a boring single person who is so bloody negative and think I am hard done by – because I’m so not – regardless I have to realise I had fun single dating adventures this year! I went on some dates with some different boys, discovered new places/pubs/restaurants and as much as it didn’t workout with one particular,  I  need to pull myself together and enjoy the festive season for what it is and realise being single at Christmas time is so so fun!

Positives for being single:

Going to the works Christmas party is clearly much better being single! You can’t flirt with all the sales guys to get free drinks, if you are a smug married this is frowned upon

You can’t book your December up to go out with all your friends every day/night if you are attached,

You don’t have to spend a fortune on a partner and you don’t have to buy another difficult boy a present (boys are the worse to buy for FYI)

You can’t buy yourself a cheeky Michael Kors purse just because whilst out Christmas shopping if you live with a boy

And you can’t go out on Christmas Eve and maybe snog a random (or an old guy friend – yep this has happened many times) if you are in a relationship!

Plus a major downside to being in a relationship would be maybe having to alternate Christmases at their families house – that would not be fun – how would santa find me?

I think I’ll stay single for now – I love Christmas and I don’t need it disrupted by a boy! Good luck to everyone who has to compromise this year – I don’t envy you! 😀 I’m kidding I’m sure there are plus points to being with a boy too, but in my humble singleton opinion I’m going to stick with a fun jam packed Christmas and just see the year for its good points! 😕 failing that lets just get drunk haha!


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