Is it a numbers game? 

I don’t get it – I’m back on tinder – just to have a look and see if it’s worth it or if I give up for this year! However it started quite well! Started talking to a guy, although I swear I have spoke to him before! It was going well – initial questions etc! Then he asks for my number and as much as I feel apprehensive about passing it on, I do, as what do I have to lose! So we talk from Sunday until Tuesday and then Tuesday he asks me for my number! Bit quick but hey! He has my number – we have some initial texting and then BAM Mr boring arrives! One word answers, no banter, repeated questions from what I ask him and then him repeating them to me when he already knows the answers as I have told him already Who forgets you are going to Amsterdam for the weekend, who doesn’t ask any questions about why you are going or who you are going with and who does nothing on a weekend! BORING!! seriously I give up! So I get a text today! Do you fancy chatting on the phone this evening? How do I say no politely! What the hell are we going to talk about on the phone? I don’t really like the phone to be fair but I really don’t like awkward situations more! So now I have to politely say no! AWKWARD! This just adds to my evening stresses when I need to pack to go to Amsterdam in the morning!

I don’t get boys! Why do they feel they don’t have to make any effort but they must follow the dating rules like – chat for a day or so, exchange numbers, ask to speak on the phone, ask her out on a date! No no no! Just see if you have chemistry, then ask girl out on a date and if you have chemistry, she will say yes and you will know this already that she will say yes as there will be chemistry! 😀 Simple!

Anyway needless to say this boy isn’t getting any further than just having my number and my gut says boring – so we won’t be the next big love affair to be plastered all over social media! Maybe next time! Dating life continues or maybe I will meet some random Dutch man in Amsterdam this weekend and I won’t have to do online dating anymore!


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