When should you move on? 

So if you have read any of my other posts you’ll see I was friendzoned and was not sure if my summer thing was done but clearly it is as he is doing whatever and I’m leaving him to it! My mum told me to move on and as much as I’m really not in the mood to go through the the whole dating thing again today I joined tinder to play the game of swipe right and left! A lot of guys went left – maybe this shows I’m really not in the mood but a couple went right and I got a couple of messages! Fun! I still have it! Haha

Tinder or online messages always goes a bit like this…

How are you?

Where do you live?

What do you do for a living?

How long have you been single?

And then it goes from there – see if you have banter, what they are in to etc.

Anyway one message went like this today and the guy is asking how long I have been single, so I’m like forever but I was seeing a guy over summer! Seeing is the key word! He then asks how long it has been finished! Well officially 2 weeks but I go with a month as I haven’t seen the last guy for over a month! He then asks how long the relationship was! He already knows it’s over summer – so not sure if he missed this or if he is testing me! So I say like 5 months! But we were dating so in theory in this relationship that’s whatever number of dates really! Anyway because I’m the most honest person – I say to him – I’m sensing you are thinking I shouldn’t be moving on?! He is like oh some people move on like a week after a long term relationship! Clearly he doesn’t read the detail in messages but it really does make you think if getting back into online dating is worth it! It’s so hard work! Anyway stay tuned you never know the next guy might be the one or maybe it is too early to move on to the next one!


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