When I was in my first year of secondary school – I asked a boy out, he said no and then asked my best friend out and I got friendzoned!

When I was 15/16 I liked this boy who used to go to our school and we used to hang out all the time and he new I fancied him but nothing ever happened and we were just friends. On my 18th birthday party, he came and was wanting to be all over me, but by this time he wasn’t beautiful anymore and I friendzoned him! Turns out he is now gay! So I don’t think that would have worked! 😉

Throughout my dating life I have been friendzoned so many times, maybe I pick the wrong guys to like or maybe I’m just a better friend than girlfriend who knows! In my 20’s, in my first proper job after uni, I worked at a place where it was full of early 20 year olds and we all used to go out together at the weekends! I became close to one guy who happened to go out with another girl who worked there! Obviously I didn’t like her! Anyway we were friends but when he dumped her we became really close! We did everything together, text 24/7 and I went out with his friends at the weekend! Even when we both move on from that job – we were inseparable! Nothing ever happened and it was obvious I liked him, who knows how he felt – clearly he friendzoned me! I think sometimes I would prefer just to be told “I don’t fancy you” than to be led on and friendzoned! It’s not really a nicer option, it’s a cop out on the boys side and just leads the girl on! To be fair who hadn’t friendzoned someone! I have, I know I have and probably led them on too! It’s funny when I see guys from my past and that they are happy and married now – it makes me think, maybe I shouldn’t have friendzoned that guy, but there has to be a reason for it in the first place, so who knows!

So this week I got friendzoned sort of again! The guy I was seeing is going through shite and has basically said he doesn’t want or can’t deal with a relationship right now but, he doesn’t want to lose me from his life and we should meet up soon! So basically we should be friends! Is it better to be friends or easier to just move on? Do you think I’ll always be in the friendzoned or can we get out of it again? Is it a case of what will be will be or am I clutching at straws?! Who knows but this is one friendzoned I don’t really want to be in!


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