This year has seen some milestones in the old friendship stakes – my best friends and I have been friends for 25 years after meeting at senior school on day one (damn that gives away my age) and a friend who I met at a job in my 20’s – we celebrated this weekend being friends for 10 years! My most recent close friend I have known for 6 years! I would say I have about 10 very close friends and several others I couldn’t live without, but I just might not see/talk to all the time! 

I’ve always been a loyal friend, I sometimes think this is why I never found anyone for the long term because I always put my friends first. I would go out on a weekend with them and they all found guys early in their 20’s – so we would all just go out and have fun! They never hooked me up with there partners guy friends (selfish) and they just always really thought of me being the dependable friend, the helpful friend who when they all got married – I was there as the doting bridesmaid and don’t get me wrong I didn’t mind, I pride myself on being helpful etc. But maybe it was quite one sided looking back! I know if I got married, they would never be as good as I was as a bridesmaid mainly because their life’s are full of kids, husbands and higher ranking positions these days but I just think they wouldn’t help the stressful, but lovely time and I don’t know if I would choose them to be my bridesmaids and I’d cop out and just have my nieces instead! That would be the friendship over then! Haha! 

Anyway yesterday my friend and I celebrated with a shopping trip and whilst having some drinks she asked the question of what was my favourite time over the last 10 years and you know we literally named every day as a fun day even the boring work days where we would just go to Starbucks to cheer ourselves up! We literally have had a blast over the last 10 years and I wouldn’t change a thing! It’s sad that the next 10 years could bring heart ache as our parents get older and some of my friends have already gone through this or are going through it right now, but we (the single ones) still have our adventures to come & I’m sure in the next 10 years we will definitely have kids, someone will get married, we will go on adventures abroad (we already have Amsterdam to look forward to in November) and whatever is thrown at us we will tackle it together like we have in the last whatever years! 

My best friends will always be there, I don’t always think they know me as well as my newer friends these days, but if I reached out to them more instead of just saying I’m fine all the time, they would be there for me, but then if we have been friends for this long, shouldn’t they know if something is wrong, shouldn’t they make an effort to actually check you are ok or see the signs on social? – I would, but who knows that is what makes friends different, this is why I have different pockets of friends and why they are all unique! Regardless, I am very lucky to have each and every one of them and I will always continue to be there for them! Maybe this is why I got friend zoned this weekend too! Maybe he heard what a great friend I am and decided the relationship wasn’t for him! I’m kidding, there was more to it, but hey who wants to ever be friendzoned when you like a boy! Story of my life – maybe that’s my next blog. To be continued…. 


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