When do you know it’s done?

Well you know right – I think I always do, but when there are extra circumstances around someone not making an effort, it isn’t clear cut! Why don’t boys just say – surely it’s better to be honest and let everyone move on! Dating is not all fun and it’s so not like sex and the city at all!

Normally if someone hadn’t been in touch, I either just message and go “are we done?” harsh but to the point or if I’m not feeling being someone, I agonise for days on how to tell someone I’m not wanting to date them anymore and then tell them the truth like “we don’t have anything in common” or “you’re a nice guy but I don’t think your my type”! I always say “thanks for a lovely date, I don’t think we have much in common, I wish you all the luck in the world for your search in the future” or something like that! I think there is no point ignoring people or being horrid as everyone is in the same boat right, so why make it worse!?

My pet hate is boys feeling the need whatever months later to text you either with a “i’ve made a mistake message and I do actually like you” or the guy who must be friends with you, but they never actually addressed not wanting the see you in the first place! I’ve had both these guys been messaging me this year – I’ve replied but seriously they just irritate me! But it makes me think not to be too hasty in saying are we done, especially when you don’t want to say it!

Anyway I think dating shouldn’t be this difficult and as much as it pains me and in this circumstance I would like to address this in person, but if someone can’t be bother to message you once in a while at least when they are going through stuff  and you feel like you are just getting in the way, surely a message to say something like I’ll leave you to it is better than living in limbo that he might make an effort eventually!? That really isn’t me to wait around for a guy to maybe like you!


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