Daily struggles

The title of the blog sounds very deep and totally different to me moaning about dating and life but today as a family we did a memory walk for dementia! My Nan unfortunately had dementia but to me it didn’t get to a horrendous state – it was quite funny – she asked me if I had a new car every time I took her shopping! She’d go ” oh it is nice – is it new.” And I’d have to say “oh know Nan I’ve had it a while!” Haha – She also thought I was buying my sisters flat and she was moving but if at the time my sister was pregnant with her first child and she could tell her all about labour with her first child which was amazing!

I live with a long term illness everyday but unfortunately it isn’t something people look into or really take seriously if you ask me.But it effects everything I do! Most people on a day out would be thinking about things like, how are we are getting there, what bars are there and let’s just go with the flow – I can’t do this, I have chronic IBS (Irritable Bowel Syndrome) Which in my opinion isn’t taking that seriously or wasn’t at least when I was formally diognosed over 10 years ago! I unfortunately have quite a bad version, where I am ill everyday, I am intolerant to wheat, gluten, soy and dairy isn’t always my friend, nor is coffee unfortunately! (When you love Starbucks that isn’t really fun! I’ve learnt a skinny, one shot caramel latte grande is normally ok thank goodness! Haha!) and IBS has made me worry about everything in life from going away to uni, to living with other people, to dating , moving jobs, travelling & making new friends! To be fair as I have got older most things I just get over, all my friends, work pals and family just know I might need a poo and there is nothing I can do! But dating is still quite a big thing to do – not the actual dates, just the once you get into things further! Did you know people with IBS can find sex really uncomfortable or can be very ill afterwards – so that’s always fun! I know it’s my hang up and I’m sure boys really don’t care but hey that’s life and just adds to why I am 36, single and childless probably – maybe one day there will be research into IBS and people won’t have to be doubled up in pain, sit on the loo for hours or be known as the awkward one at dinner because you might not be able to eat everything off a menu!
So if you know someone who has IBS or is intolerant to food please don’t go “oh you choose, you’re the awkward one” next time you go out for dinner! We aren’t awks, just can’t eat everything because We don’t want to be ill and have to race home from the restaurant to go to the loo! Loads of places do GF these days – just don’t take me to a fish one – I don’t like it! Haha 


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