Who wouldn’t want to be single?

After reading some other blogs this morning and after my mum delightfully telling me she just wanted someone to love me last night- I have decided regardless of trying to see a boy for the last 4 month and all the ups and downs of being upset, questioning whether he likes me or not and just living in limbo – being single is pretty amazing! This year I have had a blast. I have been to the canaries for New Years, Budapest in Feb for a friends hen do, St Petersburg in Russia in July with a friend, Copenhagen in August and I have Amsterdam in November with friends – if I was in a relationship, I’d probably get one holiday a year and depending on the boy – it could just be a boring beach holiday! We have one life and to see the world is one amazing thing to do! How many people can say they have been to Russia? I have – it was amazing, beautiful and full of culture!

So yes the boys number was deleted AGAIN this week and if it is meant to be, when he gets his stuff together, it will be, but for now I don’t think I can do the online dating thing just yet again as it is so draining – I’m going to keep planning holidays (have you been watching the travel man on tele? I want to go to all places he has!) and look forward to the best season coming up ; Christmas! I am a strong believer in what will be will be and that is what I am going with! When you have been off and on online dating for like 6 years – there is no hurry to go back on!  Although I do believe in it – I have so many friends who have actually met the one on there, they have got married, had children and found their happy ever after so it must work but for now it can do one! I would prefer to say I have had fun and can pay for my own dinner in a Friday night – I don’t need to go on a date to get a free supper!☺️


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