Another day another blog post

Wow another blog post – get me keeping this up! Today was a rubbish day – I started it crying – standard – over a boy – rediculou! To not getting what I needed done at work and leaving the office after everyone else! Brilliant! I work in marketing by the way and social media is basically my job – fun huh? Well it would be fun if it wasn’t a bit more complex than just checking Facebook, Instagram and My fun Twitter account 24/7! It is fun really as much as I moan I love working in marketing! You would think with all this background knowledge on how to market products I could market myself a lot better and be married and have kids by now but clearly marketing myself definitely isn’t my forte – shit happens eh! Have you ever been on a dating site? They are delightful places – basically a place where people can be really picky, play the field, be selfish and just basically make up anything about themselves to attract the other sex! Actually most of them are okish! I have been on a lot of dates not as many as some friends but enough and most of the guys I have met have been alright – clearly not perfect but I can spend the evening with them without finding an exit route.

Dating rules for meeting someone off of a dating site:

A) Make sure you have spoken to to them on the site for a bit before he asks for your number

B) Don’t ever make the first move (I’m completely old Sokol)

C) Once you have their number still be casual but wait for him to ask you out on a date 

D) First date – make him choose the location/activity as you can see what his idea of a good date is and go somewhere new too! To be fair who wants to bump into people you know when you are on a first date anyway – hence I never go to my local

E) Boys like to meet early – always opt for 8pm – in theory max you can leave after a few hours or a couple of drinks as the bars aren’t open that late especially on a school night if you don’t like them!

Simple – 2nd dates dinner and the rest is up to the person! 

Boys are very strange creatures though so don’t think dating is simple but it is worth it in the end. I know loads of people who have got their happy ever after from online dating so apparently it works! I leave horror stories for another day! 

Anyway thanks for the rant! 


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