Total Update – 3 years on & nothing has really change.

So the blogging went well all those years ago – i obviously blogged all the time and have loads of followers and kept it up – yeah maybe not but i’m going to try again.

My about me post is pretty much still me – i’m STILL single – still having to go on dates with guys who are totally random – i don’t get boys at all. I have been on dates with the same guy since June – but it isn’t the fairy tale at all – its just real life – fun times when together but the apprehension of will it work out or wont it 24/7. Dating is a funny old game – its not simple, its not easy, everyone has far too many choices of who they might want to date or just sleep with but hey you get free dinners which is always nice. You also get to go to all these different pubs or places you might not have visited otherwise – that’s my favourite bit. Plus it is nice to obviously meet someone who isn’t from your area, have your background, has a different angle, different morals, different history and its nice to learn from them, see things differently and become a better person even though you are pulling your hair out because you have to second guess their next move. Anyway there is a lobster out there for everyone – so i’ll carry on and see what happens.

My IBS is delightful right now – i have pains in my sides all the time – which are a complete mystery – when you have been like this forever – you get used to it but these pains are redic – they hurt but its alright the docs have no clue what it is, the ultrasound showed up nothing (not even a baby Jesus) and no doubt the docs will just say its IBS, I should lose weight, be healthier and drink less coffee. Same old same old really but hey. IBS suffers really do get a bum deal. Get it bum deal – haha.

Anyway i’m going to carry on blogging, the password and log in details still worked – so i’ll be back. Have a good day. 🙂




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